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Giant Cornhole


  • Do you offer free parking?
    Yes, parking is always free at DeBuck’s!
  • Are pets allowed?
    No, pets or animals are not allowed on DeBuck’s Farm, including the parking lot or inside parked vehicles, except trained service dogs in accordance with the A.D.A. guidelines.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    DeBuck’s Farms accepts Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Cash.
  • Are adults required to pay for admission?
    Yes. DeBuck’s Farms offers many fun activities for all ages, everyone entering the farm must pay admission. We charge admission to enter the grounds. This is for everyone 2 years and older no matter how many or few activities you plan to participate in. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult. Your admission allows you to relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends, creating enjoyable memories sure to last a lifetime.
  • Do you offer free admission for children 23 months and younger?
    Yes, If a child has not yet turned two they are admitted into DeBuck’s Farm at no charge (if they are entering with an adult that has purchased an admission ticket).
  • What happens if I have purchased tickets and it rains on that day?
    Bring an umbrella. If it is sprinkling or just a brief shower the farm will be open. If you have purchased tickets and the farm has to close due to the weather you will have the opportunity to choose another day. We will send you a coupon code and you will use that to choose another day. DeBuck’s Farm does not offer refunds for ticket purchases.
  • Does DeBuck's Farm have restrooms?
    Yes. The Farm is equipped with portable restroom facilities, a baby changing station, a private nursing mother’s area, and sinks for hand-washing. While we agree portable facilities are not preferred, we do not have access to sewer service, thus they are our only option. All facilities are serviced hourly to ensure cleanliness.
  • Can I bring food or drink's into DeBuck's Family Farm?
    Outside food or beverages are not permitted beyond the admission gates. You'll find a wide variety of affordable quality food available inside DeBuck’s Farm.
  • Do I have to pay to look at the flowers?
    Yes, everyone entering the farm will need to purchase an admission ticket.
  • Can I schedule a photo shoot?
    If you are a photographer you will need to purchase an admission ticket for yourself and any crew members that will be accompanying you. Your clients will also need to purchase admission tickets. We recommend you coordinate with your clients and have everyone purchase tickets for the same day and time slot for the photo shoot. DeBuck’s farm does not offer special times for photos. Only the days and times available on our ticket page.
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